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We believe that young children need developmentally appropriate experiences to begin valuing and loving learning. Our main focus is to create a solid foundation for students' future learning. Our curriculum circles around the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of our preschool students. We provide opportunities to develop these areas, making it possible for our students to make fascinating discoveries about themselves and become confident and proud of what they can do. We've created a learning environment that fosters real development. Our purpose is to prepare our preschoolers to be 100% ready for kindergarten, closing any academic, social, and emotional gaps before they arrive at the kindergarten experience. Our goal is to positively influence the lives of many children and encourage them to become outstanding future citizens.

Bilingual education provides preschool students with academic and cognitive advantages. Our school’s Spanish learning doesn’t require lecturing. Instead, we focus on social interaction and helping the children create fun projects and crafts, all in a bilingual setting! Our native Spanish-speaking teachers are highly qualified and proficient. We encourage you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity and give your child a great academic start that will lead to a brighter future!

Why a bilingual preschool for children?

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