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Patty and Bryon have owned and directed a very thriving child care and preschool program out of their home for nearly ten years. Over that period of time, they were able to observe, analyze and document how effective developmentally appropriate practices are during the preschool years as the foundation for all later learning. Through these observations they determined that in order for children to be successful students they need to develop a deep love for learning in the early years. Therefore, they created a program to support this great fundamental principle and with the implementation of the Utah Early Childhood Core and School Readiness Standards. 


Young Scholars Academy features the best environment for the academic, social and physical development of its young students. What makes the curriculum even more effective is our Spanish program, as bilingual education provides students with academic and cognitive advantages. With Spanish being one of the most spoken languages in the world and the second most spoken language in the United States, it will likely prove to be a great benefit for your child.


In addition, one of the elements that makes Young Scholars Academy a successful school is our teachers. They are highly qualified college graduates who have genuine love and interest in the students and their academic growth and social development.


Our school has four spacious learning rooms including Science/Math, English/Social Studies, Dance/PE, and our awesome Spanish immersion classroom! Our students rotate from one learning room to another during their school session.


We encourage you to give your child the opportunity to enjoy the great benefits of receiving effective and long lasting early education learning at our brand new and beautiful Young Scholars Academy. 


Ms. Patty



Mr. Bryon

Office Manager

B.A. Graphic Design

Ms. Brittney

Lead Teacher


B.S. Human Development

Ms. Brenda

Spanish Teacher


B.S. Business Administration


Ms. Kimberly Royer

B.A. Communication;

Argumentation &

Decision Making

Ms. Stephanie Fowler


Speech Pathology Consultant

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