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Response to COVID-19

Young Scholars Academy has taken a proactive approach from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We adhere to all CDC and Child Care Licensing guidelines. Our response to COVID-19 and the surging Delta Variant includes the following:

  • Teachers and staff are required to wear face masks. 

  • All students 3 years of age and older must wear a mask.

  • Parents may enter the building as long as they are wearing a mask.

  • Tours must be scheduled ahead of time and must wear a mask and sanitize their hands when entering the school.

  • Students and teachers showing any kind of sick symptoms are required to either get tested for COVID-19 or quarantine for 14 days with all members of their household before they're able to return to school or work. This is per the health department.

  • We have a very strict sick policy. Please don't send your child to school if they have any signs of an illness. Because of COVID even mild colds have to be treated at home until all symptoms have passed. Children that present any sick symptoms at school are sent home immediately. In some cases we might require a Doctor's note for the child to be able to attend school. Runny noses and coughs are signs of illness, please don't send your child to school if they're showing any symptoms. Please keep them home until they're 100% recovered with no symptoms. 

  • Students and teachers wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds upon arrival.

  • Toys and material are cleaned and sanitized daily, after each use, and before each class.

  • Doors, door handles, counter tops, faucets, tables, chairs, floors, windows, bathrooms, etc. are cleaned and sanitized daily or as often as necessary.

  • Families are encouraged to follow all CDC guidelines, including wearing face masks, adhering to social distancing, staying home as much as possible, properly washing hands often, and staying away from crowds. 

  • The school is professionally sanitized and disinfected every two weeks.


Parent letter from Childcare Licensing

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